My First 30 Days

Now that I can take the time out to process my first 30 days of being a Diversity Fellow, I will let you in on my reflections.  I want to narrow this blog post down to 5 things that I have experienced in my first 30 days.

  1. I am a Librarian. This sentence might seem strange but I smile when I say that I am a librarian.  After I graduated from North Carolina Central University. I was so focused on finding a college or university that supported me as a professional.  So today I have acknowledged the idea that I am a librarian and that my journey was not easy but it was worth it. My Librarian position is unique since I am the Diversity Fellow.  It is unique because I get to work in every department in the Library, when typically a librarian just works in one department. Therefore, I have certain skills which will make me an asset to the Health Sciences Library. Also, I have so much to learn which I am open and excited about learning new things.  It’s official now that I have my business cards.
  2. My colleagues rock! I am truly grateful that I work with such wonderful people. My coworkers are so willing to help me with anything. Also, I love to laugh and my colleagues have such a great sense of humor that it helps me get through my day.  
  3. I am working on some great projects.  They are  interesting. I am currently on the HSL(health sciences library) social media group, the staff book club, writing on my Diversity Fellowship blog and I am working on a Diversity Fellowship presentation.
  4. I am learning so much in Access Services and Reference Services.  My first rotation is in Access and Reference Services.  So currently I am on the Access Services side of my rotation.  Nancy Burtis is the Manager of this area of the Library. She has been so helpful, knowledgeable and patient.  
  5. I am going to be attending some great conferences and training.  This month I attended a communication skills training where I learned the different ways that people communicate and how I can communicate more effectively. Also, I attended a training about writing on a website which I know will help me with my blog posts.  I was accepted to attend a ACRL Diversity Institute 2018 in Greensboro, North Carolina during the Labor Day weekend which I will write a post about the event when I return.

I wanted to be a Librarian since 2005 so I am grateful for this opportunity. As an early career librarian, I am eager to learn more about librarianship and to gain words of wisdom from other librarians. I am interested in hearing about anything new in your life.   I would love to read your comments or questions that you might have for me.


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