Big News!!!

I was the Librarian and Diversity Fellow at the SUNY Upstate Medical University Health Sciences Library. I accepted a position as a Liaison Librarian at Edward G. Miner Library at the University of Rochester. As a result, my fellowship has come to an end at the Health Sciences Library. During my time at Upstate I have completed many things and most of all I have learned a lot about academia as faculty.

I am excited about moving forward as a Medical Librarian.  Fun Fact: I was enrolled in an LPN program in 2013 so to now assist nurses and other health care professionals is so cool.  I know that I will be a liaison to these departments: emergency medicine, pharmacy, and environmental medicine. More departments will be assigned to me and I will let you know what those are when I get that information.  The support on Twitter has been wonderful.  I appreciate the support and positivity.  I am grateful for my new position.


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