New Job!

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I accepted a job as the Health Sciences Librarian at SUNY Brockport’s Drake Memorial Library. Currently, I serve as a liaison to the following academic programs, African & African-American Studies, Biology, Health Science/Healthcare Studies, McNair Program, and Nursing.

SUNY Brockport is where I received my Bachelors of Science degree in History so it is cool to be returning as faculty. One of my colleagues is the librarian that I worked with as a freshman and as an alumna. When I was trying to figure out my path after graduating I thought that being a librarian would fit me so I told the career counselor that I was working with this idea. She told me that librarianship is a dying profession but in her reluctance she connected me to the same librarian that I knew from freshman year. I am glad that I met with this librarian because she was excited to share with me how she got her degree online and that the MLIS program was easy. Most of all she told me that I could do it. Years later I remembered this moment and used it to pursue this new career. So it is good to have this full circle moment with my prior librarian and now colleague.

In my new position I will be on the tenure track which is a journey that I am willing to take. Thankfully I have friends that are on this same path that I can lean on and get advice from. I am glad that I know a couple of librarians from the African American Medical Librarians Alliance(AAMLA) that are in similar positions as mine. They have been really helpful with giving me advice and mentoring me through this process.

I know that job security is terrible during this time, even I was furloughed for 3 months. I was reluctant in sharing this news but I think I still can share the joyful moments in my life. This is my blog right?! If documenting my career journey does not happen here then it won’t happen.

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