2020 Reflections & 2021 Intentions

What day is it?!

This past year has been a unique year. We had to navigate a pandemic which led to my professional world and my personal world coming together. Being a parent and working from home was so tough.  So I had to figure out a balance that made sense for me. At first, I was not able to successfully separate my work life and my home life, I was tasked with a new challenge. Thankfully through my weekly virtual counseling sessions, I had to realize that asking for help and needing time alone was not selfish. I had to be honest with my husband when I needed breaks and I had to rest when I needed to do so. Last year, I had to truly prioritize and be intentional about my self-care and wellness. I was so glad that I discovered the Nap Ministry during this time. For years I would say, I am a proud napper but who knew that this was part of my self-care?! I didn’t know that this act was a radical act. In addition, it was saying NO to our grind culture

My immediate family kept me honest and was the encouragement that I needed. One of the things that I tried last year was body scrubs. My wonderful friend Amanda made me some and now I am obsessed with them.  So my self-care routine on Sundays is that I do my body scrubs. I have discovered some great Black women owned companies that make them and I proudly support them.  Those links will be listed below. 

Connecting Virtually

Virtual meetups are what I didn’t know I needed.  I was so happy to have friends that wanted to connect with me during this time.  I was able to attend concerts, game nights, happy hours, conferences, and so much more. Even though Zoom fatigue is real it was nice to have these moments of joy. So I am glad to say that I will be keeping this up for 2021 and beyond. 

For Us By Us

My support for  Black-owned businesses was on 100. I tried my best to keep supporting locally owned businesses as well. Even the most popular and historical businesses in my area closed permanently.  It truly was sad and devastating for me to watch.  I could only imagine the toll that this has taken on the owners and their families. 

Link to companies that I discovered, tried and loved. 

Royals Essence

Pholk Beauty Lab

Fenty Beauty




Grind Pretty Box

Juvia’s place

Mielle Organics 

Philadelphia Printworks 

#BlackLivesMatter in LIS

2021 Learning Intentions

My intention for the new year is to continue learning about a variety of topics. Of course, I have to continue learning about health sciences librarianship topics like evidence-based medicine, health care disparities, social determinants of health, environmental racism, systematic reviews, collaboration tips, instruction pedagogies, and research strategies. Here is a list of some of the topics that I want to take a deeper dive into. I want to read the narratives and the history behind these topics. 

  • Fatphobia and body positivity
  • Indigenous rights and history
  • The model minority myth 
  • Immigrant and refugee stories
  • Dismantling white supremacy
  • Black feminism
  • Black, Indigenous, People of Color(BIPOC) Solidarity

2021 Publication 

2021 started wonderfully, the column that I wrote with my mentor and friend Twanna Hodge was released. Here is the link: Call to Action: Envisioning a future that centers BIPOC voices

I want to continue writing more publications this year.  Currently, I am working on three pieces.  When they are released I will let you know here and add them to my newly created linktree. 

My Linktree Account

Last year I noticed that many of my favs that I follow on social media had linktree accounts. And I thought to myself yes, I need to create one of these. I am involved in many things and this is a great way to keep everything in one place.  Check it out!

Here is the link: Jamia Williams

Spotify Playlist

I created a Spotify playlist and I shared it on my social media platforms. These songs got me through 2020. So if you love music, give it a listen. Most of the songs are upbeat.

This year I want to continue to speak truth to power. Love on those that support me and not ever worry about those that don’t.  Even writing that is giving them too much shine. I want to continue to be gracious with myself.  I am grateful for my new position at my alma mater.  Cheers!

Black family at a table making a toast.
Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

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