New Page Alert! Publications & Features

Hello! I miss writing on my blog. During my time away, I have been heavily involved in writing, leading me to create a new page titled Publications & Features. On this page, I have listed my scholarly works and the websites where I have been featured. The first piece that I wrote was published on WOC+LIB, and for that experience, I am grateful. Also, it was so cool to see that my writing The Introvert Network: Tips on Networking as an Introvert in the Library Profession made Our most popular posts! This experience gave me the confidence that I needed to continue writing. As you can see, I love writing, but my fear of not being the best writer stopped me for years.

I am a blogger for InfoBase, so I listed the blog posts I have written thus far. It has been a fun opportunity. I have interviewed some fantastic librarians. Check it out! 

So as I look at this list, I am shocked that I could get so much done during the pandemic. Thank you to the people that I was able to write with. I am proud to say that my first peer-reviewed scholarly article was published on June 4, 2021. Thank you to Afeez Hazzan for making this opportunity happen. You reached out to help you with this scoping review, and it has led to working with you on other projects. 

Don’t worry I have some blog posts in the works and should be posting a new post this week. Please check out my writings! Please leave your comments. I look forward to reading them. 

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