Month in Review Posts

Hello! I have decided to stop doing the Month in Review posts. Because I do so much in a month, it takes a lot of time to get that information and write about it. So I instead will use that time to input my scholarly and professional activities in SUNY Brockport’s Digital Measures portal.  I think that I will write a quarterly post about some of my professional activities. And I will continually update the Must Read books page with the books that I like and that I think you should read.  Writing a summary on them may not happen since I now blog for Infobase. Also, I might be reviewing a scholarly book in the future.  So these new endeavors are consuming more of my time. Lastly, the LibVoices podcast has gone through some changes that will require me to invest more time and energy into making it work.  Having a podcast was one of my dreams, so I will do whatever it takes to make it thrive. 

Thank you for reading my quick update! I look forward to reading your comments. 

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