Let’s Talk About It: 2022 Reflections & 2023 Intentions

I apologize for the delay, but I figured this would be my “Let’s Talk About It” post to discuss my 2022 reflections and 2023 intentions. Originally I wanted to post this on April 1st and do a separate series post, but taking the time to think about 2022 and working on my 2023 thoughts is essential, and it needs to be talked about. 

“My own healing journey has been rooted in writing to heal– the practice of using writing to unpack my baggage, process my deepest emotions, and create a new narrative for my life. Writing shapes me in my personal practice, and it continues to be my permission to show up flawed and unsure while also holding space for gratitude, potential, and recognition of how far I’ve come.” 

Alexandra Elle, How We Heal, pg.10

2022 Reflections

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com
  • Blogging for Infobase was insightful and fun. I was able to interview some amazing people in our profession whom I admire, and I am glad that they were able to share their insights and journey with readers. 
  • Last year was a year of grief. I lost three important people to me in 2021, which led to me grappling with living without them in 2022.  Then at the beginning of 2022, we lost other family members which felt heavy. I had so many questions like, why am I here? Who am I? And so many others, which solidified that l must live a life full of joy. I can no longer dim my light, and I have to walk in the fullness of my true self. 
  • Last year, I decided to do a Renewals Coaching Program with Kaetrena Kendrick Davis. This was a life-changing four weeks, and I look forward to writing about it and posting it in 2 weeks. Kaetrena told me I was experiencing burnout while recovering and experiencing low morale and toxicity. Lastly, I wrote an Infobase blog post, Summer Reflections: Recovering from Burnout, about burnout and the takeaways I gleaned from my time with Kaetrena.
  • I am happy to say that I started a new job in November 2022 as the Consumer Health Program Specialist for the Network of the National Library of Medicine’s Training Office! After much reflection, I knew that I needed to look for another position, and I was able to get one that was remote. Even though I created my re-entry plan, it was not enough for what I needed, which was the flexibility to be there for my family and to take better care of myself at home while working. My “Jamia Williams” page has been updated with my new position title and details. I learned so much from working at SUNY Brockport, which gave me the leverage to move up and out! Since I am an alum, I look forward to continuing to make more connections in this capacity. 

“Clarity will always find us if we are curious and honest enough.”

Alexandra Elle, How We Heal, pg. 11

2023 Intentions

Photo by Airam Vargas on Pexels.com

I am grateful that I can give space for what I would love to do this year and to continue taking better care of myself. 

  • I want to take it easy this year. One of the ways that I can do this is by continuing to read books that help with this journey of taking it easy. Then I want to apply what I read to my daily practice of self-care and wellness. Gone are the days of talking about it. I have to be about it!
  • I want to write more on my blog and post a maximum of four times a month. 
  • I want to have a better personal life by spending time with family(this includes those related to me by blood and my chosen family).
  • I want to continue supporting Black-owned, small, and locally-owned businesses. 
  • Prepare my application materials to get more schooling. I want to sharpen my research skills, so now is the time!

So what do you want to do this coming year? Have you been able to process all that happened last year and since the COVID-19 pandemic started?

Thank you again for rockin’ with me!

Take care,


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